11 JunWhat’s going on

Everybody, love up Josh Leuze, the guy that fixes all the problems on this site that I don’t even know how to diagnose. The most current problems he solved were the issue with the player not showing up on the individual show links, and the Elitist shows not showing up at all. If you’re a subscriber, the episodes are there again! Thanks Josh!

As far as the MuchoMangoMayo 2016 campaign is going, we’re at 67.5% of our goal. We have less than two and a half days to pull together $487 more dollars. If we do that, I’ll squeeze thirty-one more episodes out of this withered old Mango next May. So if you have an elderly uncle who’s not really with it, and won’t notice if you give some of his money to me, we can make this happen!

Shove the old man’s money into the donate button on the right!

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