The Mangallery!

Send your fan art in jpeg form to and don’t sue me if it winds up here. Illustrate episodes, the Mango, or any other related thing you can cook up. Get at it!

Here’s another me by Skelly Rocker AKA Craig Webster

More Me by Craig Webster

Here’s a swell one of Yours Truly (that means me) by Jim DeVona

MSS by Jim DeVona

And here’s my version of the Mango that you see on your iPod, included here only because it’s nowhere else on the site.

The Mango!

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  1. […] it at our brand new Mangallery! You can illustrate episodes, the Mango, or any other related thing. The Mangallery link is way down on the right under the ABOUT heading. Fill this thing […]

  2. […] the latest addition to the Mangallery. Another one of me by Craig Webster, known to millions as Skelly Rocker. It’s funny that […]

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