13 AprWait for it . . .

Just want to pop in and say I haven’t forgotten you, especially since I didn’t know any of you in the first place. The new episode should be up around Friday or Saturday. It’s been over a month and I thank those of you who haven’t wandered off to listen to some other podcast. Those that have, well, I’ll know it when the baby’s born.

I’ve been scribbling furiously on MuchoMangoMayo, so the starving pack of you bastards can distend your stomachs with thirty-one brand new episodes of this show coming next month! It’s bellysplosion or famine here, people! I work damned hard to make sure nobody leaves here happy!

-Big Daddy Matty

5 Responses to “Wait for it . . .”

  1. flippertie says:

    Hello, Just to let you know that your ‘podcast ready’ rss link is missing the leading ‘h’ in http://


    • Matthew says:

      Forgot to tell you, our resident genius Mangchanic, Josh Leuze, fixed it up. He’s dreamy!

  2. Matthew says:

    Thanks for catching that and letting me know. That’s part of a widget, rather than a link I pasted in myself, so I have to find someone smarter than me to tell me how to fix it. I’ll look into it.

  3. Hey Matt, would you consider signing up over at Flattr? It’s my new favourite way to donate to stuff, and I’m suggesting it to podcasts I’d like to donate to…


    • Matthew says:

      I looked at Flattr when they started up. It’s an awesome concept, but they don’t want anything to do with works that have profanity in them, so that won’t work for me. Thanks for the thought though!

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