27 MarThe Three Spaces of Eve

For a few days a couple of weeks ago, instead of working on a Mango, I wrote this play, “The Three Spaces of Eve.” It was performed at the Internationsl Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (a.k.a. ICFA) last week Friday. It’s definitely the type of thing you folks would like, though a little knowledge of the history of science fiction will go a long way toward appreciating the jokes.

Thanks to the players, Jennifer Gunnels as Eve, Brett Cox as Roy, and Alayne Peterson as Annie. Thanks to Carrie J. Cole for directing, Marco Palmieri for announcing, and Bill Clemente and one guy whose name I don’t know (sorry, guy) for making the video!

UPDATE: That one guy’s name is Sean Dixon. And you can see the other four very fun plays at Bill Clemente’s blog here: http://aroundperu.blogspot.com/2016/03/icfa-37-flash-play-festival-march-18.html

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  1. Josh says:

    This is an awesome story Matt, I love it! I wish it was animated so I could see their costumes and the aftermath of blasting the editor with that raygun!

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