07 FebIntroducing the Mangallery!

As you may have heard, we’re looking for your fan art (known in fan circles as fart) to grace our barren pages. Send your fart in jpeg form to bewarethehairymango@gmail.com and if it was meant for human eyes, we’ll post it at our brand new Mangallery! You can illustrate episodes, the Mango, or any other related thing. The Mangallery link is way down on the right under the ABOUT heading. Fill this thing up!

Jim DeVona sent in this gorgeous picture of gorgeous me. He sent it in so quickly I have to wonder if he had actually made it months ago for maybe his personal screen saver or something. Now that’s a fan!

MSS by Jim DeVona

Don’t be intimidated by the quality of Jim’s submission. Keep in mind that his subject looks so good, it’s hard to make it look bad. If your art sucks, send it in anyway. You know the last thing the Mango will ever be about is quality!

4 Responses to “Introducing the Mangallery!”

  1. Josh says:

    Looks like you’ve got a sweet new avatar! Expect some more fan art in your inbox as soon as I find some time…

  2. The Skellyrocker says:

    Brace for Snapseed farts

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