02 SepThe “And pSo It Goes” promo!

Hey, Folks,

In the interest of keeping my under-employed ass paying the bills, I’m showering you with audio temptation! I recently pulled out a story that I enjoyed writing some eighteen years ago called “And pSo It Goes.” I touched it up a bit, and recorded it.

This is not a Mango type story, but I hope it’s something you’d enjoy anyway. It’s a, fun, hour long, science fiction adventure about a twenty-first century guy who finds himself in the middle of a war between three twenty-third century gangs. Please forgive my shitty English accent, but the narrative style was inspired by Jonathan Gash’s Lovejoy novels and it seemed improper to do it in American. Here’s the first three minutes of it, so you can get a taste.

By now, I’m certain you’re drooling all over your un-waterproofed electronic devices, wondering how you can hear more before something shorts out. Just three little American dollars through the donate button on the Beware the Hairy Mango homepage will get you the rest of the story. At sixty-two minutes, that’s the length of ten to twelve regular shows. If you decide to subscribe to the Elitist Mango through the Get the Mango button, you’ll get it as a thank you gift.

Not enticey enough for you? How about this? For six bucks you get the full audio of “And pSo It Goes,” plus the first episode of Beware the Elitist Mango. That’s the one where I’m drunk.

“Wait a minute,” you say, “Why would I pay six bucks, when I can subscribe and get both for four bucks, plus forty other episodes I haven’t heard yet?” Oh, you’re too smart for me, listener. Why, indeed?

By the by, if you donate, but want me to contact you through an e-mail address different than your PayPal e-mail address, please give that even better address in the message when you donate. Look at that. I’m doing all sorts of shit to please you! Allow up to a day for me to get the goodies for you as I’m too up close and personal with you people to ever be automated. Or professional. Dig those digits into your digital wallet and dig my digital audio! Later, people!

The Mango!

The Mango!

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