29 SepMangticipation

Sorry, folks. Although I’ve been sticking to a rigid schedule for the past few months, episode 87 is going to be anywhere from 1 to 15 hours late. Seems the Mango thought he’d have some fun by donning a bald wig. He didn’t expect his foolery to be so thick that I might nearly eat him (accidentally, of course (he’s my bread and butter)). So I’m in the waiting room of the local fruit vet as I write this, waiting for the bite marks to be buffed out. Come back tomorrow afternoon and my spit-polished sidekick will be here to greet his adoring fans.

One Response to “Mangticipation”

  1. Snard says:

    Why did a Carly Simon song just pass through my head?

    (fortunately it left a small exit wound)

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