You make me happy.

You can’t know how good it feels when you wrap your arm around me, or call or text just to see how I’m doing.

You make long days go faster. You make my sad life happier. When we eat Chinese chicken, you make me want to eat Jamaican chocolate for dessert.

You’re fun and you’re funny. You’re smart, you’re positive, you’re on top of things.

You’re absolutely beautiful.

I wish I could be closer to you. I wish we weren’t being watched all the time. I wish I could buy you those roses. I wish I could take all the physical pain you experience every day and feel it for you. I wish I could fix everything.

You’ve made me see myself in a different light. That a woman as amazing as you are could feel something for me, never stops surprising me. I’m glad I get to spend what time I can with you.

I like you and I love you, Kamesa.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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