01 SepHelp Me With Our Fifth Anniversary!

Yo, gang! Beware the Hairy Mango will be five years old on September 14th! Holy crap! Never thought I’d last this long with this project. I thought it might be cool to do a participatory show to celebrate. What do you guys think? Like, maybe a question and answer show or something? You guys could send e-mails or mp3s. Tell me if you’re into it or if you’ve got a better idea. Keep in mind that I’m lazy, so don’t suggest anything even mildly elaborate.

We have to decide fast because we only have two weeks to put this together. Tell me what you’d like to do in the comments and share this post with other Mango fans who might not otherwise see it. I’ll make a decision in a few days so you guys will have time to do whatever and send it in. 

We’re doing this in the truest half-ass, slapdash spirit of the Mango! Go, us!

25 Responses to “Help Me With Our Fifth Anniversary!”

  1. Fred Kiesche says:

    I think the 5th Anniversary show should be a dramatic reading of every single divination of what the SF in SF Signal stands for.

    I will accept no substitute.

  2. Um… beef stew.
    Yep. My imagination is broken.


  3. Josh says:

    Wow, five years already, that’s a whole lot of mango!

    What about doing a Google Hangout? That’d be any easy way to do a Q&A, if you stream it live people can ask questions via chat, or join the Hangout if they have a mic or webcam.

  4. Grant Stone says:

    Take your favorite Mango and read it again.

  5. How about fan-submitted readings – see who can keep up with you? I’d like to take a swing at reading the CC license. 🙂

  6. Matthew says:

    It’s shaping up to be a free-for-all.

    I’m sorry, Josh, but my shitty little netbook can’t handle Google hangouts.

    After I put out the call tonight, I’d better get something from you guys, because David Bradshaw just made an awesome e-mail intro song for us!

  7. You know, the traditional gift for a fifth anniversary is mangoes.


  8. Robyn Bradshaw says:

    Worst case scenario: Mango-style explanations for why you won’t do any of these suggestions! ;P

    Or send-ups of your devoted fans.

    An honour roll of everyone who has literally peed their pants while listening to the show. Gold standard if they were in public when it happened.

    Drunk-cast! That was hilarious the first time – could you (or we) survive a second?

    Alternately, launch a Mango drinking game. Fan-source the rules. 😀

  9. Robyn Bradshaw says:

    Do I need to send all this again by email?

    • Matthew says:

      No. We’re just discussing the pre-game show. When I put the call out tonight, I’ll ask for e-mails and mp3s with questions, comments, and whatever else.

  10. Matthew says:

    I just posted sample CC license bits here: http://bewarethehairymango.com/sample-license-bits/

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