30 MarHelp! Little tiny donation!

The Boy’s car went kerplunk and I had to lay down hundreds on that and now a special convergence of bills this week has me considering selling lemonade this weekend. I need a little dough, like maybe $60. It would mean the difference between eating boiled Ramen noodles for a whole week and crunching Ramen bricks like granola bars for a whole week. Five bucks from twelve of you would nail it, I think, but I ain’t no mathematizer. As always, if you’ve already donated to the show, I do not want you to donate again. You’ve done your part, you poor bastards.

Maybe the ninety nine shows I’ve done so far is worth five bucks to you, If not, maybe the hopefully-not-crappy episode one hundred will be, or the thirty one episodes coming up in May. Put ’em together. Five bucks for a hundred and thirty one shows? Even if you take out the shitty ones, that’s like fifty-nine pretty good shows. Slap the Donate button on the hompage! That’s right, I’m ballsy enough to think this podcast has twelve fans. Prove me wrong.

No! No! Prove me right, I mean! Prove me right!

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