07 MayEpisodes For Everyone!

I finally fixed the Mango’s RSS and iTunes problems. Turns out my feed settings were all wonky. All episodes should be available now, whether you subscribe from here or there! Many thanks to Jeff Lane and all of his Audio Books who know this crap a hell of a lot better than I do!

5 Responses to “Episodes For Everyone!”

  1. Elke says:

    It becomes clear to me that I need to check in here more often for the news. This explains why iTunes opened a new cover for the Mango unbeknownst to me. The old cover showed no new episodes. For all I knew, you’d taken up woodworking instead. It was days before I noticed the new one. Inside was of course “The Blower”, with the kind of tense court drama I am a sucker for. There were also earlier episodes I had missed due to late arrival, filling in more of the portrait including your full, pouty lips. Glad you got the feed worked out. Due credit attributed to Jeff Lane as well.

    • admin says:

      Yay! This is what I wanted. To get more Mango out to the starving masses. Thanks for the feedback, Elke.

  2. Elke says:

    Wait a minute. Have I become a pawn in your plan for world domination?

  3. Elke says:

    Are there going to be quests? I wanted to find that sphagnum character from the SSS forum & deliver an ass-kicking, but nooo, Tony set a classy tone and everyone was all high-minded about it. My sword & shield could get rusty.

    I’m imagining the buddy pic now: me & Church on a mission, stuck in the driveway debating playlists…

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