28 MayEpisode 76 – Purgatory is for Pencils

Take your number 2 firmly in hand and read today’s story at Everyday Weirdness!

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2 Responses to “Episode 76 – Purgatory is for Pencils”

  1. Elke says:

    Did I ever tell you, I forwarded that Everyday Weirdness link to a few people when I first read it (led there by The Creepy Little Mailbox Man). One was a lifelong Catholic–not one of these just until I got old enough to know better types, but still Catholic 50 years later. In the end I said “what the heck.” She was sure to appreciate the eraser bit. I have a reputation to maintain as one of her more eccentric friends.

    She made no comment about the pencil story, but she did stop forwarding me cute animal picture for a couple of months so it was completely worth it. I still owe you for that.

    Three more days and then what will become of us?

  2. Matthew says:

    We’ll all still be here. The Mango, though, will have to go soak its aching feet for a a while and will only come around once every couple of weeks.

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