19 MayEpisode 67 – Frog Magnet

Earth Girl

YES! Please send me to the place where I, too, can get a copy of Fred Heimbaugh’s wonderful new single, Earth Girl for just $0.99!

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5 Responses to “Episode 67 – Frog Magnet”

  1. Elke says:

    Half a baker’s dozen of I’m-into-this-morning-mango-routine. At what hour do you post these little beauties? Could I kick off the morning earlier than 6ish? Sometimes there just isn’t going to be any more sleep so just get the @%@ out of bed, can you identify with that by any stretch? When I stumble off to the shower, the background soundtrack would be like an old twangy Western song. Later, all squeaky clean, partaking in a glass of juice and the daily dose of brain stimulation through zaniness here, the soundtrack changes to your theme music. Have you considered just keeping it up for the summer?

  2. Matthew says:

    Aw, heck no! The Mango is eating my life right now and not even spitting out the seeds. I’m glad you’re digging it and I’m enjoying the creative challenge, but I’ve postponed all my other projects for this month because of it. Maybe when I’m financially independent and certifiably insane, I’ll do a new show every day forever and ever.

    I schedule these to go up one minute after midnight. There was one screw-up a couple of days ago where I saved a draft instead of publishing a post and that one went out at, like, 6:34 am. So go ahead and get up. But I don’t know what you’re going to do after that five minutes of show.

    Thanks, as always, for your feedback and support, Elke!

    • Elke says:

      I didn’t really mean that you should continue to throw your life into the mango maw for us all–and particularly because it fits so nicely into my day, that would be ridiculously selfish. But if you happened to be inclined that way anyway already…No, no, I would become concerned for your health.

  3. John D. says:

    I remember the non-conformist oath!

    I promise to different!
    I promise to be unique!
    I promise not to repeat things other people say!

    • Matthew says:

      Yes! I must have listened to that album three-hundred times (on 8-Track)!

      We’re talking Steve Martin, folks.

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