01 MayEpisode 206 – Cowlick

Welcome to MuchoMangoMayo 2014! If you’re new to this fourth annual jazz, the deal is this normally twice a month show becomes a thirty-once a month show every May. Add us to the podcast thing of your choice and take us each morning with your usual drug. A spoonful of medicine helps the Mango go down!

Beware the Hairy Mango is absurdist flash fiction with a larger than recommended daily allowance of vulgarity and wordplay. It only takes five minutes to find out if you hate it, a lifetime to find out if you love it, so click the player and listen before time gets away from you once again! Tens of people love us! Be one of those us-lovers starting now!

By the way, it was only after this show was put to bed that I realized Ernst alternates with Ernest throughout today’s story. Rest assured, they’re the same guy. He’s not a polymorph, but his name is.

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