07 MayEpisode 107 – Even Twilighter

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3 Responses to “Episode 107 – Even Twilighter”

  1. […] Beware the Hairy Mango #107 – “Even Twilighter” by Matthew Sanborn Smith. […]

  2. Keith says:

    This is easily one of my favorites of yours! What a great story to have the ultimate punchline payoff. I saw it coming but it only made it better!
    I have to say that I truly love MuchoMangoMayo and cannot wait to enjoy it for the rest of the month!
    Thank you for the smiles and laughter throughout every day of May sir!

    • Matthew says:

      Hey, thanks, Keith! I just keep throwing crap out there and I love it when an episode lines up well with a listener’s tastes. On the down side, everything that isn’t this one will probably disappoint you!

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