03 OctAll Mangoled Up!

Sorry, gang. Someone hacked the site months ago (If you want to see how, just google ‘bewarethehairymango.com’ and you’ll understand). Anyway, because I am an inconsiderate host, I just started dealing with the problem today. And because I am dumb, it’s very slow going. So give me a couple few days and don’t be surprised if the site goes down for a little while somewhere in there, like it did a few minutes ago, and I’ll get a new episode up, once I get my act together.

Thanks for your infinite patience (like you have a choice)!

2 Responses to “All Mangoled Up!”

  1. Elke says:

    Again, I need to learn to check in here for news. I wasn’t thinking you had taken up woodworking instead this time, but lately there’s SF Signal, #City1, and some more stories went out the door, and you popped up (if not in your own voice) on SSS, and maybe you also have another thing or two to do. Wasn’t going to judge harshly, is my point, if it’s been a while.

    Sorry to hear this news. You were talking a while back about taking more control of your financial life, but you’re saying pharmaceutical sales wasn’t your choice for a new venture? I would offer to help if I knew anything about it. If you feel like payback on the hackers, I volunteer to join the mission. I could make snarky remarks about their wardrobe choices, which we can comfortably assume are unfortunate. Do official mango missions come with a travel allowance?

    Can we draw positive conclusions about the volume of page views & activity at this site since it was considered worth hacking?

    • mango5436 says:

      Well, It’s all cool now, as you can see. Still some pill residue out there, but that’s okay. My traffic is pretty decent, if I’m reading my stats right. Surprises the heck out of me!

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