The Man Himself

Matthew Sanborn Smith is a bright and shining star.

On a hilltop.

In a bathtub.

Where you can find him:

His wonderful blog, The One-Thousand, a chronicle of his life and his quest to write One-Thousand stories by age fifty:

Here he is on Facebook

Here he is on Twitter

Where you can hear him:

UPDATED LINK! Cossmass Infinities is now defunct, but the files are here. My story is the first. Listen to his story Fluff and Buttons on the Teddy Bear Range at the Cossmass Infinities podcast!

Besides this swell podcast, he also does some stuff on the StarShipSofa Aural Delights podcast. Here are links to his Fiction Crawler pieces on that very show:
Fiction Crawler 12 (Episode 222)
Fiction Crawler 11 (Episode 180)
Fiction Crawler 10 (Episode 159)
Fiction Crawler 9 (Episode 132)
Fiction Crawler 8 (episode 98)
Fiction Crawler 7 (episode 87)
Fiction Crawler 6 (episode 80)
Fiction Crawler 5 (episode 68)
Fiction Crawler 4 (episode 60)
Fiction Crawler 3 (episode 51)
Fiction Crawler 2 (episode 45)
Fiction Crawler 1 (episode 40)

And he has also had one non-crawling article on the show:
Jim Sawgrass and the Family Bulbs (episode 36)

In addition to all of that, he has had some of his fiction featured on the show (listed alphabetically):

Brothers and Sisters All (episode 68)
A Hard Rain (episode 54)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Diplomat (Episode 89)
The Ones That Got Away (episode 158)
Sunday Dinner (episode 31)

Where you can read him:
Some of these do not link to the original publications (which are listed in parentheses) because they are no longer available.

NEWISH! Aborted Love with Chaos Motor at Lucky Pierre’s (Walk the Fire)
About Face (The One-Thousand)
NEWISH! All Flesh is Glass (Grand Science Fiction)
Beauty Belongs to the Flowers (
Better than Anything (Barnes & Noble Anthology, Between the Leaves)
A Cold Day in Crisis (Electric Spec)
Electric Ladyland (StarShipSofa Stories, Vol. 3)
Fluff and Buttons on the Teddy Bear Range (Chiaroscuro 32)
For the Love of Ceelie (Fusion Fragment 9)
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Diplomat (Blood, Blade and Thruster 4)
Losing Touch (Polluto 8)
Maisy’s Many Souls (GUD Magazine 6)
Marissa, Marissa (Albedo One 33)
Mr. Mellon Puts on his Fingers (Antipodean SF 76)
Passions in Orbit, a Stirring in the Pants (Antipodean SF 105)
A Spork in the Road (Antipodean SF 128)
A Tale of New Hope City (Maelstrom Speculative Fiction 4)
Steve Sepp, Tasty! Tasty! (Nature 7342)
His Thaumatrope stories (Thaumatrope (Duh!))
To What It May Concern (Antipodean SF 90)

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